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Planet Mark Year 2 Certification

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Every day, we are working towards reducing our environmental footprint while providing innovative solutions and a high level of service to our customers.

We are therefore delighted to announce our successful Year 2 Certification from Planet Mark. This highlights our ongoing commitment to measuring sustainability across our business.

View our 2022 Planet Mark Year 2 Certificate

Diane De Blasi, Total Office Managing Director, commented:

“Working with Planet Mark has enabled us to confidently measure sustainability outputs across our business. This, in turn, provides clarity on where and how to prioritise reductions for significant change. Also, the Energiser workshop enabled the whole team to be involved, have input, and really own the initiatives, driving the importance of action by all of us.”


Our ESG Policy

Total Office is committed to decreasing the impact of its operations on the planet. We’re focusing on practical, tangible actions that can reduce our environmental footprint in the near term. Yet, also planning for long-term growth to mitigate environmental damage for future generations.

1.4 tCO2e  2022 Measured carbon footprint per employee

Our ESG Policy covers four areas: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement and Distribution. With our policy independently audited, you can be sure that your partnership with us contributes to your own sustainability targets and goals.

We’re working towards reducing our 2023 carbon emissions by 5%

Over the next year, we will be working towards reducing our carbon emissions by a minimum of 5% from the 2022 footprint. We’ll do this by following the Planet Mark framework of measure, engage and communicate, to embed sustainability into our culture and ensure we make continual progress.

We use many green practices within our own operations. Reducing electricity consumption, driving less, recycling and responsible sourcing are all things we practice, and we believe if we all do what we can, it is possible to make real change.

  • By measuring CO2, we can calculate our overall carbon footprint using recognised standards and take measures to reduce it.
  • Our Planet Mark certification recognises our commitment to continuous improvement, measuring and reducing carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, travel and waste.
  • Using the same recognised means of calculation, we are also able to provide you with data to help you calculate and reduce your CO2.

Helping you to reduce your carbon footprint

As well as reducing our own outputs, we offer various customer schemes to help you become a more sustainable business.

Here are 6 ideas to start you on your greener journey.

1 Choose sustainable office supplies

When choosing office stationery, choose products that are environmentally friendly. We can skew Core Lists towards sustainable products, and if preferred, searches will only display environmental items. Plus, you can search and filter for greener products.

2 Recycle

Recycling is the most obvious way to reduce the amount of office waste ending up in landfill. We offer a range of recycling schemes from battery to toners to packaging and paper – and we can pick this up from your office.

3 Reduce packaging

We offer a Tote Delivery Service where our warehouse staff remove all manufacturer packaging and keep it at our warehouse for re-use. All office products are then delivered in a reusable crate. This reduces the amount of unnecessary packaging that gets delivered to you.

4 Consolidate orders

By consolidating your orders into fewer, larger frequencies you will help to reduce deliveries and carbon emissions. We have already introduced electric and hybrid vehicles into our London delivery fleet, with vehicles producing zero tailpipe emissions – ideal for improving air quality and reducing harmful CO2 and NOx emissions. But, our goal is to replace all remaining diesel vans with electric or hybrids by 2025.

5 Power down in the office

Artificial lighting can account for 30-40% of electricity consumption in large office buildings. So, making use of natural light, installing motion-activated lighting, switching lights off and changing to energy-saving lightbulbs are all sustainable office ideas.

6 Ask for a Green Audit

Our Green Audits consider whole-of-life sustainability of the products sold. This means that use, maintenance, end-of-life, and packaging is considered. Plus, we’ll advise on environmental product swaps, how to reduce your plastic usage. We can also provide Green Reporting for customers, highlighting how much of your spend is on ‘green’ goods.


Sustainably focused, cost-effective business solutions

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives here. For more details about our certification, or to view our ESG Policy, contact our friendly team today.

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