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Catering & Janitorial

Facilities Supplies

We provide an extensive range of facilities and catering supplies. Stocking over 2,000 branded and non-branding products.

Catering Supplies & Equipment

We can provide many of your basic catering supplies from branded Tea and Coffee, biscuits and confectionery to catering equipment and appliances.

Reduce your use

As part of our ‘reduce your use’ campaign we have sourced a number of environmentally friendly products as an alternative to our most used disposable catering supplies. So next time you place an order for your catering supplies ask us about our range of compostable products.

Janitorial & Hygiene

We offer an extensive supply of cleaning products and janitorial equipment. Including commercial cleaning products and everyday brands.

Something Stronger?

You’re probably already buying your tea and coffee from us but did you know that we can also provide a wide range of alcoholic beverages for corporate drinks parties and events? Speak to our customer service team for more information.