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Totally Possible Moment

on Wednesday, 07 March 2018.

Our print team often pull off the impossible, and one day last week they were asked to set, print and deliver 28 business cards for delivery the very same day. Luckily, our print team are very experienced in working to tight deadlines and could pull in vital resource to ensure that the job was completed on time, and to the satisfaction of our customer. 

The task: Due to a company rebrand and an impending corporate event, our client needed to order business cards for 28 of their employees. The turn-around on the cards needed to be quick as the event was to be held that very same evening.

The action taken:


11am - Total Office | OMM  received the list of business card details

11am-1pm - The cards were set by our in-house artworker

1pm - They were proofed to the client and approved

1pm - Artwork sent over on an express to printers

5.30pm - Delivered by courier direct to the venue for the evenings event


The whole process took just over 6 hours from receiving the card infomation to delivery - making it our most express business card delivery to date!  

"excellent service from Total Office OMM, not only did they turn them around quickly, they were also very good quality."