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Walk at Work with a Treadmill Desk

Take a quick look around your office and you’ll probably notice that around 90% your colleagues are sitting down, in fact you’re probably sitting down whilst reading this.

There are some pretty scary facts associated with “Sitting Disease”. Sitting for more than 23 hours a week is proven to have a drastic impact on your health, resulting in cardiac problems from poor circulation and an increased chance of developing type two diabetes.

We have been working with businesses for more than 50 years and have witnessed the slow descent into the sedentary lifestyle that so many of us are now living. When you take into consideration daily commutes, an average 8 hour working day and evenings spent sitting in front of the television, it has become common for office workers to spend more than 12 hours a day sitting.

Countless articles are advising the ways to combat “Sitting Disease” such as stand when you would normally be seated, stretch regularly and take a 10 minute walking break every hour. However, from our experience, we know that these options are not always practical and we would imagine that not many employers would take too kindly to staff taking regular walking breaks!

An ideal solution is the treadmill desk, the equipment allows you to keep mobile whilst at your work station and is great exercise to counteract a sedentary lifestyle. We have partnered with LifeSpan, one of the leading manufacturers of treadmill desks, to bring you a highly popular range of desking options suitable for various office environments and varying levels of usage. The workstations have been popular in the US for many years with many businesses purchasing a number of workstations, and therefore making the choice to invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Each of the desks are height adjustable, heavy duty and suitable for multiple monitor screens and equipment. Our walking treadmills are specifically designed for use within the work place, allowing you the freedom of exercise as well as the practicality of being able to fulfil all of your daily working tasks.

Research has also proved that using a treadmill desk increases productivity and stimulates creativity. So why not start with a treadmill “hot-desk” allowing people to use the desk freely to complete tasks where focus and attention is needed. Take it from us – it makes spread sheets a little more entertaining! Or maybe swap your boardroom table for a collection of treadmill desks – research has proved that by doing this people are more decisive, more focused and meetings less likely to overrun, surely a benefit for both employee and employer?

Join the next phase in office ergonomics and purchase your treadmill desk from The Treadmill Desk Store.

Click on www.thetreadmilldeskstore.co.uk for more information.

By installing a Treadmill Desk in your office you are making a great investment in not just your health but the health of your staff, allowing the freedom of movement whilst still being able to undertake normal working duties.